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R-mark is an umbrella company through which many projects and partnerships are developed. We specialize in developent and acquisition of scalable IP, private equity, venture capital, and project management. With active interests in 9 countries, we operate across a range of industry sectors and geographic regions.

Since the company was founded in 2005 by Tech Entrepreneur Adrian Rivodeaux we have grown from a college dorm in Boston, MA to locations in Miami, Houston, and San Francisco from which we developed or partnered in the devlopent of over a dozen copanies and IP's including AdMeld and Emotient, as well as joint projects with NASA and Apple.

Adrian Rivodeaux. Founder and CEO


At R-mark we pride ourselves in being selective with the projects we take on. We focus on projects that aim to break the molds and reinvent their industries. We like disruptive underdogs and out of the box revolutionizers. With many successful projects and exits, we have the proven skill to identify the potential for success. These are some of our newest endeavors.

  • Name: SilkSenses Co.
  • Est.: 2014
  • Industry: Cosmetics
  • Status: In-Operation
  • Website: aura-eternal.com
  • Market Cap.: <$1 million

The SilkSenses Company focuses on creating highly effective, all-natural skincare products.

Their flagship product, Aura, although still new to market, has been received with overwhelming acclaim from end-users and beauty professinoals alike.

Our partnership with them has meant the quick allocation of working capital as well as logistical and operational support that scales as quickly as their order volume.

  • Name: Magic Leap
  • Est.: 2013
  • Industry: Tech
  • Status: In-development
  • Website: magicleap.com
  • Market Cap.: $4.3 Billion

Magic Leap aims to create technologies that will revolutionize how we consume digital content.

The details of what they're working on remains a closely guarded secret, but they can count on us for technological support and allocation of resources.

  • Name:The Texas Burger Co.
  • Est.: 2015
  • Industry: Food Services
  • Status: In-development
  • Website: Coming Soon
  • Market Cap.: $2.1 Million

The Texas Burger Comapny is one that wants to elevate this traditional American Culinary Staple and change how we see and consume this delicious food.

We provide access to working capital for sustained growth, management consulting services, marketing support, and logistics and fulfillment services.